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StoreVirtual VSA Networking

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StoreVirtual VSA Networking

Good morning all.

I ahve an issue with my StoreVirtual VSA setup and I cannot find any information out there to help.

I have configured the StoreVirutal on a C7000 enclosure, using the HP Flex-10 10Gb 2-port 530FLB Adaptor.

Eacth of the host blades has 2x 5gb nics assigned to them, which are then teamed and added to Hyper-V as a vEthernet Switch (VSA-iSCSI).  Each VSA then has 1x management NIC and 1x VSA-iSCSI NIC.

At the moment I have 2x of the host blades but due to double them shortly.

In CMC, the network for the VSAs is showing as Slow and I am getting Excessive Packet drops of 2% or less.

My question is, why is the network running "Slow"?  Have I configured my networking correctly?

Hope someone can help.



Re: StoreVirtual VSA Networking

Hello Cmpwat,

if you already double checked your network ,hence, particuarly network logs, ports errours counters and cables i would recommend you to open a support case with the Storevirtual serial number and we'll be happy to analyze "slow" message from Storage point of view.



Francisco de la Torre Rodriguez
EMEA LHN CoE Engineer

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