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Storevirtual 12.5 - The 'Log Partition' status is 'Read Only'.

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Storevirtual 12.5 - The 'Log Partition' status is 'Read Only'.

I have a Storevirtual VSA 2014 running on Vsphere hosts.  We have two storage nodes and a separate FOM.  Recently, we took one vsa offline to expand the underlying raid storage.  This was done, and the expanded space was added to the drive space allocated to the VSA virtual machine.  No further changes within Storevirtual were applied, as we wanted to resync first.  Next, the Storage System VM was turned on, and the VSA began to resync.  A few hours in, a critical alarms popped up that says: 

Severity: Critical
Date and Time: 1/5/17 9:40:40 PM CST
Component: Storage System
User: System
Object Type: Mount Point
Object Name: Log Partition
Management Group: MYGROUP
Cluster: MYCluster
IP/Hostname: VSA02
Message: The 'Log Partition' status is 'Read Only'.

I stopped the manager, and attempted to "Repair Storage System" on the Storage System tasks, but it claimed the storage system was operating normally.  Then I noticed that the resync appears to still be in progress.  The VSA02, says Resyncing (57%, 7 hours remaining) and the VSA01, which has been operational for the last few days, says Resyning (72%, 19 hours).  

Is VSA02 broken?  Is this a normal error?  Do I leave it alone?

Any help would be appreciated.  Thanks.

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Re: Storevirtual 12.5 - The 'Log Partition' status is 'Read Only'.

@Jeffrey1 I have the same issue, and have had it 3 times in the last 8 weeks (due to performance issues with my underlying hardware)

I have 2 open tickets with HP support regarding my VSA cluster, although none for this specific error.  They did discuss this fault briefly while on a telephone conference with a Level 2 tech, who mentioned the following;

- that this is not uncommon, and used to be a common fault in earlier versions (I'm running 12.5)

- that there is a process for the level 1 techs to check the log partition status using SSH and the support mode login (although they didn't mention "fixing" only "checking")

I have simply rebooted my nodes when they've gone into this state, and they come back up fine.  A few minutes to resync data on the volumes, and then everything is good again.

I'd suggest that, if you still have this fault, you reboot the node as the first step.  nLog a fault ticket if it becomes a recurring fault.