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Storevirtual Inital Remote copy

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Storevirtual Inital Remote copy

We are planning to use remote copy to snapshot our voulmes  to a remore managment group.


I have found this in the HP StoreVirtual Storage Remote Copy User Guide and is basically what i am trying to achieve.


 Use the storage systems intended for the remote site to configure the remote management group

onsite and copy data locally, and then ship the remote storage systems to the remote site.

Use this method if you initially have all the storage systems for the Remote Copy solution at the

primary site.

1. Configure both the primary and remote management groups.

2. Create the first copy of the data locally over the gigabit Ethernet.

3. Ship the storage systems for the remote site and install the remote management group just as

you configured it in the primary site.

4. Allow adequate time between the arrival of the storage systems and the first remote copy

NOTE: The subsequent snapshots from the primary volume to the remote volume are



I can’t seem to find anything out more about this, my main concerns are do we need to pause snapshot job while the second unit is in transit? and will changing the IP address of the remote storage system when it get to the remote end cause the snapshots to break?



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Re: Storevirtual Inital Remote copy

I"m not sure if the management group link between the two groups will survive the IP change of the cluster.  YOu might want to test that on a smaller LUN locally before you ship the SAN.  Any reason you can't create the SAN locally using the final IP addresses for the remote SAN and just use your routers to make sure the traffice goes to the correct place before its setup remotely?


Unless you are bandwidth limited or your volume size is prohibitively large, it will probably be easiest to just setup the remote SAN at its final location and just ship the data over the internet.  You really should break up remote snapshot LUNs so they are small enough that you can send them over the internet in full in a reasonable amount of time as you have to plan on what you are going to do if you ever do require a full rebuild of a LUN.


As for your other question.  There is no need to pause snapshots while the remote san is in transit.  The remote snapshots will just keep piling up on the primary site until they are shipped over to the remote site, so if you take your remote site offline for an extended period of time, you can end up with a lot of snapshots which will eventually clear themselves out as your remote site gets caught back up, but you don't have to worry about things unless you are running tight for space and/or your change rate on the LUNs are really high which could cause you to run out of space as well.