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Storevirtual VSA - Unable to login - Socket is closed

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Storevirtual VSA - Unable to login - Socket is closed

Hi all,

Just wondering if anyone had come across an issue with LHOS 12.6 when you can't log into a node with the error: "Login failed. Socket is closed"?

I have a new environment I'm building with a single non-redundant VSA in a new MG. The volumes I've created are as such NRAID0 - this design is intentional :-).

I had to take the VSA down for host maintenance and when I powered it back on I am unable to log into the MG. The VSA is running as the volumes are online and available to the vSphere hosts.

Any ideas? I've tried rebooting the VSA and have been looking in the CLIQ reference to see what options I have but no luck yet...

I'd rather not rebuild the MG unless I have to :-)

Any help would be much appreciated.




Re: Storevirtual VSA - Unable to login - Socket is closed

Hi Ben,

Be sure to have the recommended amount of RAM allocated to the VSA. This depends on the amount of bulk storage which is assigned to the VSA, for instance 3 TB of storage needs 5 GB of RAM. See table 3 in the attached pic.

There may also be a communications problem due to a firewall or intrusion prevention app. Try installing the CMC on the same subnet as the iSCSI traffic and see if that works better.

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Re: Storevirtual VSA - Unable to login - Socket is closed

Hi Stor_Mort,

Thanks for your reply!

I've checked my RAM and reservations, they are all well above the recommendations documented.

As for network connectivity, I did in fact try standing up a CMC on the same subnet and still had no joy. I ended up blowing the VSA away and starting again. I have found 12.6 to be more inconsistent than previous releases, in the years using LHOS from v8.0 I've had more problems with 12.6 than all the previous combined!

Thanks again,

Ben Loveday