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Storevirtual patching - error

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Storevirtual patching - error

Hello, I'm trying to apply patches: 55022-00 and 56007-00 to my five node SAN.  However, I'm getting the following error for all the SAN nodes when the update gets to about 25% complete:

Failed to get the upgrade state information from SAN. Upgrade partition is not currently mounted.

A follow on pop-up stated to reboot the SAN, wait for resync then try again. So I tried that with one of the SAN nodes but the result was the same.

Any help would be appreciated.



Re: Storevirtual patching - error

Additonal info:

In the detailed message of the updates there's another error:

"Received an UpgradeScriptStatus message from the install server running on the node. It was: f_abort

Installatin of the patch was aborted due to error 108

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Re: Storevirtual patching - error

You will have to reboot all the nodes one at a time and let it sync all volume through CMC after each reboot. You to also check if patch 56003-00  is already downloaded in the HPE downloads folder as is a requirement for 56007-00. They actaully resleased the patch 56007-00 before 56003-00. if you dont see 56003-00 patch, you will have go to  Tasks --> Download upgrade manifest and then check for updates.