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Re: Storevirtual4330 redundance possibilties


Storevirtual4330 redundance possibilties


for my first VMware and HP Storevirtual 4330 Infrastructre I want to be shure to do the best wit 2 Nodes (4330 with 2 x 10Gb NICs and 8 x 450Gb disks). I installed on a separte phy. Windows Server the FOM in a vm.

After using the wizard I get a cluster size of 5.653TB with the Volume Data Protection Level : Network Raid10 ( 2way mirror)

That means I can use over this 2 boxes total 5.653TB and are protected if one VSA will be out of order? I did not found the calculator since HP is "splitting".

It is for me not clear why I get 5.653TB with tottally 16 drives (450Gb).


Thanks for your help!




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Re: Storevirtual4330 redundance possibilties



Every physical appliance has local RAID5...So 8 x 450 is actually 7 x 450 making around 3.3 TB...

On that logical volume is the Lefthand OS installed which takes some space as well.

The remainging free space (around 2,8TB) is available for the shared storage...

2 physical nodes will make a cluster of 5.6TB available space in the cluster...


If you have the FOM active in the Management Group (above the cluster), 1 box can fail and your data will remain active... The FOM will create the quorum / majority to keep everything alive...



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Re: Storevirtual4330 redundance possibilties

++bart.  Couldn't have said it better.


Keep in mind that with NR10 each GB you use ends up taking up 2x the available space on the cluster.


You might be thinking this is crazy and be pissed that you are getting so little space...  what that is what it costs to get the redundancy and availability that this SAN can provide.  I don't think there is any other solution that will provide you with this availability and reliability in this price range.  The extra "cost" is in the efficiency of raw:usaable stoage, but when you are talking about 10's of TB to 100's of TB, that isn't nearly as important as ensuring your data availability!


Re: Storevirtual4330 redundance possibilties