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StoreVirtual Storage
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Swap from FC to iSCSI

Occasional Contributor

Swap from FC to iSCSI


We have a StoreVirtual 4730fc connected to Hyper-V via FC. Hyper-V is setup as a Microsoft Failover Cluster with MPIO so 4 hosts to the StoreVirtual.

I want to switch to using iSCSI so planned on shutting down the VM's, disconnecting the storage and rediscovering it via Microsoft iSCSI initiator. The just fire up the VMs

Stupid question but that all sounds ok right? no data loss or having to format drives when I reconnect via iSCSI? Just over analysing it due to it being live data




Re: Swap from FC to iSCSI

Correct, no data loss, you just have to change the Volume presentation from FC to iSCSI and reconnect via the iSCSI initiator.