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The snapshot schedule is backlogged

Dan Nichols

The snapshot schedule is backlogged

This message appeared whilst performing some LH cluster maintenance. I was removing a VSA from a two node VSA cluster and the P4500 cluster in the same management group logged the error:

Management Group: 'MGNAME'; Snapshot Schedule: 'SCHEDULENAME' Status = failure. The snapshot schedule is backlogged: warning only.

The error was logged hourly a few minutes after each hourly snapshot whilst the operation to move the VSA from the cluster was running. Once the move was complete the messages stopped. I could see during the move that old snapshots were not being removed on the P4500 as they normally are, new snapshots were created though.

So why did this behavious occur on a separate cluster entirely? (in the same management group)

Jim Ott_1
Occasional Advisor

Re: The snapshot schedule is backlogged

The snapshot process is handled by the same manager across all clusters within a management group, thus if the manager is busy it will affect all cluster in the same management group.