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Unable to install Urgent Patch on 1TB VSA

Occasional Visitor

Unable to install Urgent Patch on 1TB VSA

Hi there,

i can't install the Urgent Patches 50011-00 and 50012-02 to my VSA Group running LeftHand OS 12.0.00. Because the Recommended Patch 50010-02 was not installed before. 

So I need to install this Recommended Patch, but it is not allowed due License limitations. (free 1TB License)

Only Urgent Patches are allowed….

How to solve this puzzle!

Anny suggestions?

Thanks a lot!

Occasional Collector

Re: Unable to install Urgent Patch on 1TB VSA

Like to add the LH Message

Received an UpgradeScriptStatus message from the install server running on the node It was :
ERROR: Prerequisites for this patch failed, patch set 50010-02 must be installed before installing this patch.

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Unable to install Urgent Patch on 1TB VSA

Problem Solved with Version 12.5.00 Build 0583.0