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Unable to login to CMC SAN/IQ v 12

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Unable to login to CMC SAN/IQ v 12


I'm attempting to login to the CMC but the application just hangs. It tells me in the bottom left screen Press F11 to cancel task 'Logging in to manager'. If I hit F11 it tells me this could put my storage into an unstable state. I have tried accessing the CMC from a seperate server with the same response.

Other things to note, I haven't received any email alerts for the past 24 hours, which I usually do. I can ping the storage nodes listed. The one storage node that the CMC has logged into shows site - unassigned. As far as I can tell all the storage is up and running.

Any help appreciated.



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Re: Unable to login to CMC SAN/IQ v 12

sounds like an IP configuration issue.

just so you understand, CMC is an admin program you run on a desktop.  It connects to all the nodes in a management group when you log in.  You do not have to be on the same subnet as the nodes, but you do need a routable path to get from your computer to the nodes (IE, you need to be able to ping the nodes).


From what you describe, it sounds like the computer with CMC running does cannot talk to the nodes.  This can happen because of a firewall/router or if the nodes do not have a gateway configured.



Re: Unable to login to CMC SAN/IQ v 12

hi Simon


It appears the hydra service which CMC uses to communicate to the node may be having issues, I would recommend yo to choose different node to login to CMC or reboot this node. This should fix the problem.




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Re: Unable to login to CMC SAN/IQ v 12

I have seen several occasions where a firewall or intrusion prevention system rule change prevented CMC access.  For a test, eliminate any routers by installing a CMC on a workstation that can be plugged directly into the SAN subnet. 

There was also an issue with 12.0 where hydra would stop working with some LAN DNS configurations. Remove the management group's DNS configuration temporarily, reboot nodes and upgrade to 12.5 or 12.6.

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