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Unrecoverable I/O error

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Unrecoverable I/O error

I had one of two VMware hosts go down.  Last night I rebuilt it, the datastores and the VSA node.  The shared datastore started re-striping and I went to sleep.  This morning I wake up and the drive has finished restriping and all of the VMs are up and running, but I have an error showing in the CMC:  Volume x in cluster y has unrecoverable I/O errors.

How do I fix this?

I have two VMware hosts running ESXi 6.0 and two VSA nodes running 12.6 and a FOM also running 12.6.



Re: Unrecoverable I/O error

Hi zibby,

That indicates that the host that did not go down had an IO error (like an unrecoverable read error on a disk drive) during the restripe. 

You can fix it yourself by moving the data out of the errored volume. Delete the errored volume. Create a new volume. Move the data back into the new volume.

If it is not possible to do this, HPE StoreVirtual Support can clear errored blocks from a volume if you open a support case. (+1-800-633-3600)

I am an HPE employee - HPE StoreVirtual Support

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