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Update to 12.7 from Version possible?

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Update to 12.7 from Version possible?


I want to Update StoreVirtual FOM2014 (vsphere) and 2 StoreVirtual VSA2014 (vsphere).

All are running on Software Version

I already updated CMC to 12.7, to get packages from HTTPs instead of FTP.

Docs say, that you can update directy to 12.7 from 11.5.

Updating 10.5 needs to be updated to 12.5 first.

My question: is this version already 11.5 or is this a 11.0?

Docs say nothing bout 11.0 so I'm little confused. Can anyone clarify thist?



Re: Update to 12.7 from Version possible?


11.0 and 11.5 are two different versions. Probably you are unable to find much information about 11.0 as this version after release had lot of issues and was soon discontinued so if you are still running 11.0 then you must definitely consider upgrading to more recent versions.




Re: Update to 12.7 from Version possible?

Hello Lis,

SAN/IQ 11.0 is the previous version of SAN/IQ 11.5. 

SAN/IQ 11.0 is currently INACTIVE version this is why you will not find any information about it.

Please refer to the Lefthand OS 12.7 Update guide where you will find a detailed step by step procedure to update your enviroment to latest supported version.

Francisco de la Torre Rodriguez
EMEA LHN CoE Engineer

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Re: Update to 12.7 from Version possible?

Thanks for your replies.

Yes indeed, I first installed the 12.7 CMC. Then update ran succesfully from 11.0 to 12.5.

After that now update to 12.7 ist running.

Fingers crossed.

Edit: Update to 12.7 went also fine without issues.

Crappy 11.0 is now updated to 12.7

All done now. :-)