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Updating BIOS Manually?

Paul Hutchings
Super Advisor

Updating BIOS Manually?

Can I confirm if there is any issue with updating the BIOS on our P4300 G2 and P4500 G2 nodes manually please?


We're on 9.0 and I have a bunch of software upgrades that need to go on, and rightly or wrongly I've never been a fan of online firmware updates and would prefer to be able to bring each node down to update, then deal with just the SANiQ updates from the CMC.





Re: Updating BIOS Manually?

Hey Paul,


It can be done. I've even been asked to do this by HP support.


You can find the neccesary documentation in the "P4900, P4300 & P4500 Firmware Compatibility Matrix".


Kind regards,


Joris Vliegen


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