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Updating HP Lefthand VSA to 9.5

Martin Thies
Occasional Visitor

Updating HP Lefthand VSA to 9.5

Hery Guys,

I have an error updating my VSA 9.0 systems to VSA 9.5.

System environment:

3 ESX Hosts.

- 2 ESX Hosts running a VSA with about 1TB Storage attached

- 1 ESX Host running the FOM (Failover Manager)

Following steps are done:

- Both VSA are updated to 64Bit Hardware and actual VM Machine version

- I have added some disk space to Disk0 (4GB) and Disk1 (1GB) to provide enought local disk space for the firmware update


Initialiazing the update is going well. After some minutes, I receive t a error message:

"Installation failed. There was an error with the configuration, RAID, or memory. (Exit Status 85)"


Due to that error, no updates were performed.


Any idea??


Best regards


Re: Updating HP Lefthand VSA to 9.5

Hey Martin,


Have you verified if the disk you gave to the VSA is on a separate virtual controller on lun 1:0.


Is there enough memory in your VSA? You can find the guidlines here:


Kind regards,


Joris Vliegen


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Martin Thies
Occasional Visitor

Re: Updating HP Lefthand VSA to 9.5

The hardwareconfiguration will be fine.

2 GB Ram für about 1TB-1,5TB HDD per VSA

2 vCPUs reserved per VSA

2 NICs reserved per VSA


Best regards

Martin Thies