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VIP iscsi HP4300

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VIP iscsi HP4300


I am a newbie in lefthand. We bought a P4300 SAS 7.2T for my company recently. I configured it by CMC V9 wizard and then  assigned two IPs for each shelf : & and also for VIP. each  shelf is on RAID 10 and configured together with Network RAID-10 (2-Way Mirror ) . 

Then i assigned three servers ( OELinux 5.4  x64)  to this volume for the ocfs2 format and i installed oracle clusterware ,.......

Currently everything is  going well but i have a problem . when i shutdown one of these shelves ( for example  i can't ping vip address ( which means the SAN is completly down , athough i'm  still able to  ping another shelf ( ).

i also putted some screenshots of my CMC in my dropbox :


I greatly appreciate your suggestion/advice  on how to resolve this issue (do i need to change any configuration settings ? )


Re: VIP iscsi HP4300


i think with shelf you mean controller.

you have to install the failover manager for transparent failover. its on the disks you get with the p4300.


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Re: VIP iscsi HP4300

You need at least three managers running to have any kind of failover to occur. You have two options. 1) Run a failover manager (aka FOM, which is a virtual machine) whose sole purpose is to run a manager to keep quorum in case of a node failure. 2) Add a virtual manager to your management group. When one of your nodes go down you can start the virtual manager on the remaining node to regain quorum.