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Re: VMware / Hyper-V RAID? Lefthand P4300G2

Mick Negendahl

VMware / Hyper-V RAID? Lefthand P4300G2


I have a HP Lefthand P4300G2 4 node SAN, firmware 12.5, and it has worked perfectly so far on my VMware envoirement.
Now we are starting to migrate to Hyper-V and we will use the same SAN, but here is my problem, all my LUNs for my VMware envoirement is RAID 5, witch has worked fine for the last few years, but when i start creating LUNs for Hyper-V along side with my LUNs for VMware, my Hyper-V RAID 5 volumes has terrible performance, acctuley the VM freezes sometimes - the problem is resolved if i use RAID 10 for my Hyper-V LUNs, but it isnt really a good sulution for me, we have more data then we can fit in only RAID 10 volumes. 

Have anyone tried something like this? 
Could the problem resolve it self when i start to discontinue my VMware servers, and delete the LUNs connected to my VMware servers? Basicly - could the problem be that the Lefthand cant keep up with 10-11 LUNs connected to 6 different servers? My future setup will be 4 LUNs and 3 Hyper-V servers. 

My network setup is the following (on Hyper-V and VMware):

2 seperate NICs for ISCSI
Jumbo frames
Flow control
Hyper-V: Lefthand MPIO DSM

Thank you for your help.

Mick Negendahl

Re: VMware / Hyper-V RAID? Lefthand P4300G2

And btw - my VMware envoirement runs fine, although i often get this kind of warning:

performance has improved. I/O latency reduced
from 136112 microseconds to 31378

Could it be that Hyper-V handles the delay worse then VMware? 

Honored Contributor

Re: VMware / Hyper-V RAID? Lefthand P4300G2

make sure you are using the HP DSM for windows when using hyper-v.


Beyond that, Network Raid 5 is NOT something that is recommended for production LUNs.  NR5 is not really the same as hardware raid 5.  HP's guidance is that NR5 only be used for read-heavy workloads such as document/CD libraries or archives.


While HP lists NR10/5/0 as various options, the only real one to be using for anything other than very odd use cases is NR10.  If you can't get the storage you need with NR10 and thin provisioning, you just have to bite the bullet and buy more storage or migrate data off the SAN.