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Re: VSA - HP_LeftHand_Laptop_Demo

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VSA - HP_LeftHand_Laptop_Demo


I'm able to start the VSA nodes but I can not start the HP_LeftHand_Laptop_Demo. When I try to start the VSA.vmx file I can add the VM on Inventory but when I try to start it's showed the message
"Module DevicePowerOn power on failed.
Unable to create virtual SCSI device for scsi0:0, '/vmfs/volumes/4d9ca987-a9692e10-3f17-001b78bd2272/HP_LeftHand_Laptop_Demo/HP_LeftHand_Laptop_Demo/Demo_Bits/VSA/flash0.vmdk'
Failed to open disk scsi0:0: Unsupported or invalid disk type 7. Make sure that the disk has been imported."

Anyone knows how to fix it...
Uwe Zessin
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Re: VSA - HP_LeftHand_Laptop_Demo

That is an image for a recent version of VMware Workstation.
It looks like you are trying this on VMware ESX V3.x.

Maybe you can worm around this by editing the virtual disk header files.

Re: VSA - HP_LeftHand_Laptop_Demo

Do you have all these files for the Laptop Demo
array0.vmdk, flash0.vmdk, nvram, VSA.vmsd and VSA.vmx ?

Is the flash0.vmdk file size 987 MB (1,034,944,512 bytes)

If yes, please use the VSA.vmx file I have attached and replace it with the VSA.vmx you have and try again.

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