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VSA - HyperV - Slow Network

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VSA - HyperV - Slow Network

Hello Team,
2x Hyper-V 2016 with 2x 10Gbit Ports each and VSA 12.7.
The teamed "20Gbit NIC" is used to create a vSwitch for the VSA, to which the Hyper-V nodes have a virtual host network adapter.
When I copy a file from the node to a volume that is presented by the VSA Cluster, it uses this virtual host network adapter with just 1Gbit/s. As this traffic never touches a physical interface and is handled just by the vSwitch, I would expect it to be much faster.
Also an iperf with 1 single connection never exceeds 1 Gbit/s. If I use a Windows-Machine on the same vSwitch as my iperf target, I get (almost) 10 Gbit/s. Is this because of missing Guest Services in VSA or because of the Generation 1 VM that is provided, or what?

The CMC reports the 10Gbit eth1 as ‚slow‘, but the link speed is 10000.

Thank you!
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Re: VSA - HyperV - Slow Network

Hello ente_0815,

Have you tried to adding the NIC teaming for the VSA? Please see below the settings required : 

Use two 10GB NICs for VSA iSCSI traffic and configure Team (for example, NetworkInterface1, NetworkInterface2 are teamed to VSA_TEAM).

Gloria Simi
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