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VSA and vSphere

Andres M
Occasional Contributor

VSA and vSphere

Is there any special considerations to run the VSA appliance in ESX 4.0? I heard that a patch is going to be released to support jumbo frames,
any ETA?
Any documentation will be helpful


Niels Vejrup Pedersen
Respected Contributor

Re: VSA and vSphere

I've just checked on SPOCK, there are not special considerations to find there.

The QuickSpecs says that ESX 4 is supported.

Trusted Contributor

Re: VSA and vSphere

ESX 4 is supported. There is an optional patch that gets the VSA VMware tools up to ESX 4 version.

There are a ton of new things in the ESX 4 vmware tools but not all are enabled right away by the patch.

Your jumbo frames question in particular... The new tools make it possible technically but the VSA does not let you set them yet. Eventually it will but until it has been tested and officially supported its not something you should set up.

IMHO jumbo frames are not worth the effort anyway unless you are on a 10Gb network.
Adam C, LeftHand Product Manger
Uwe Zessin
Honored Contributor

Re: VSA and vSphere

> There is an optional patch

please where oh where can we get the patch?

I've started from the support link:〈=en&cc=us

- looked into the manuals section
-- a collection of files, most of them without a unique document number, no release date in the document (no, the so-called "posted date" does not count and the creation/modification date of the PDF file does not count either as a number of files apparently go back to as far as SAN/IQ6), many have been prepared badly - f.ex. when I open a document I don't see the first page but anything from middle to last quarter

-- maybe I have overlooked it, but I don't see 'useful' release information

- looked into the download section
-- one update (10018-00), which, according to the release notes does not even apply to the VSA!

- looked in the self-help ressources incl. customer advisories
-- great, many old advisories for the old, no longer supported "SAN/Storage Management Appliance" which has *NOTHING* to do with Lefthand!


Don't get me wrong, the product looks great (I have been to a workshop today which has improved that impression quite a bit), but how it is delivered is, well, __________
Andres M
Occasional Contributor

Re: VSA and vSphere

Uwe, you an download the vmware tools upgrade patch here:

go to patches --> 10050-00

I'm going to test the package later