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VSA issues with ESXi5?

Justin V
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VSA issues with ESXi5?

Curious if anyone has had any random disconnect/Target discovery issues?  I am fluent in VMWare and P4000 but can't seem to understand what is going on here.  I've tried all the normal troubleshooting steps etc.  I see SAN/IQ 9 is not on the ESX5 HCL and I knwo 9.5 should be.  Before I go further i was just wondering if anone else had any wierd issues,

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Re: VSA issues with ESXi5?



Did you upgrade the hardware version of the VSA under ESX 5.0? I was able to upgrade my ESX servers to 5.0 and my VSA's kept running fine... Didn't get any errors afterwards...





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Re: VSA issues with ESXi5?

Hi Justin,


I have been testing ESXi 5 with the VSA. I have used version 9 and 8.1 of the VSA without any discovery or random disconnects. I have seen a couple of random ESXi crashes using VSA 8.1, but those were cleared up after upgrading the virtual hardware version to 8.


How is your network setup? Are you using etherchannel on your physical switch? I have had random disconnects in the past that turned out to be etherchannel ports being suspended from the port group. The problem was traced back to defective RJ45 connectors in one instance, and another instance it turned out the expansion NICs in the servers needed a reseat after the server was moved to another rack.