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VSA node restart after a long downtime

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VSA node restart after a long downtime



I have a VSA cluster.

Due to the floods on 2021-07-15, one node (vsa02) are down because the IT room have no power and network connection to the other buidling need be be rebuild.

vsa01 run alone with the FOM but in 2-3 weeks, I will restart the vsa02 and I would like to know if I need to do something or take care about somethind for this restart.


And advice or suggestion ?

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Re: VSA node restart after a long downtime

Yesterday, we reconnected the optic-fiber between our sites.

we don't restarted the vas02 node, just switching and ESX.


After that, the network go crazy, unstable, server inaccessible, ....

is it possible that reconnecting network between 2 stack (procurve 3800) switch put the active server (vsa01) to make many broadcast and put the network in trouble state and  fan go to 100% speed ?  


Re: VSA node restart after a long downtime


We would recommend to fix the Network issues on the ESXi Host before you Power ON the VSA.. 

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