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VSA on top of P2000

Patrick Neuner
Regular Advisor

VSA on top of P2000



we got trouble with a bit of a "special" VSA Layout we use in our Company.

Background: We habe an EVA 4100 and a MSA P2000 SAN running in our Office and a P4500 in our Housing Location.

Since we want to use Remote Replication / Remote Snapshots from Housing Location to our local Office we installed the VSA on top of the EVA and the P2000. Everything is working as expected - BUT wer are struggeling massive Performance Problems.


If we read/write over ISCSI on the EVA the Limit is the 1GBit Network (~110+MB/s) but if we read/write from the P2000 we are stuck at about 40MB/s and we can't find out why?!? (read write over FC is about 400+MB/s - which is OK for 6 HDD RAID5 over 4GBit FC)


Is there something special to look for when using VSA on top of other SANs? Any idea where we could start looking for the Problem?


Thank you

Andreas Schnederle-Wagner

Frequent Advisor

Re: VSA on top of P2000

Which NIC are you using with the VSA? Which version of SANIQ?

Patrick Neuner
Regular Advisor

Re: VSA on top of P2000

Our production System is running 9.5 - on Hyper-V and also VMWare

Our Test-Case is built upon 10.0 on Hyper-V


So different V-NICs - same behaviour. All installed on BL460c Blades.

Patrick Neuner
Regular Advisor

Re: VSA on top of P2000

As for the Test-Case we built:


MSA P2000 VDISK containing of 6 HDDs in RAID 5

Lefthand 10.0 Node running on Hyper-V 2012

Windows Server 2012


When we connect the Server 2012 to MSA by FC - we get high Tansfer Rates (>600/MBs)

As soon as we start the LH Node which resides on the same VDISK the Data Transfer Rates (over FC) drop down rapidly (<300MB/s) - even if the LH Node is 100% idle ... it's enough to just start the Node ...

We can't see any Load / IO on the MSA when the LH Node is started - so why do the Data Transfer Rates go down that much?