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VSA performance and diagnosis (Hyper-V)

Roman Starun
Occasional Advisor

VSA performance and diagnosis (Hyper-V)


i'm experiencing troubles with my new 3*4tb VSA nodes in Hyper-V. Network raid 10. All three VSA nodes are connected by 1x10GE interface each, and Hyper-v hosts are connected by 2x1GE interfaces using MPIO (HP DSM installed). All are in one physical switch (S5700), separated by vlan from all other traffic, JUMBO frames are not enabled yet. At first all seemed to be ok, but recently we discovered that performance of VSAN dropped and moved out all our VMs back to local storage. I do not have tests results before the drop, but i think speeds were ok. The thing is i cannot tell what we did, because we did a lot of things and not sure what could cause problems. I think we've updated VSAs from 12.5 to 12.6, made several updates to Hyper-v hosts and to SCVMM, swapped network vswitches several times, enabled and later disabled NPAR, there also was a powerfailure once. VSAs were installed on Hyper-v hosts before i added them in scvmm.

At this point i get:

80-100 Mbits/sec with iperf test between VSA node and host.
250 Mbits/sec with iperf test between VSA nodes.
up to 1 gigabits/sec load on one of the 1GE host interfaces with dskspd (it seems that MPIO does not aggregate several interfaces, and uses them only if primary one fails).
diskspd.exe -b256k -d60 -o8 -t16 -h -r -w25 -L-Z1G -c5G C:\ClusterStorage\Volume1\iotest.dat gives 60-160 MB/s and 1000-1300 IOPS. While local storage gives 370 MB/s 3000 IOPS, so i expect to have VSAN with 400 MB/s and 4500 IOPS.
I also have free 3*1tb VSAs for testing. What i noticed is that free nodes have NICs named "Microsoft corporation Hyper-v VGA" while 4tb nodes NICs are named as "Intel Corporation 440BX/ZX/DX - 82443BX/ZX/DX Host bridge (AGP disabled)". (sadly free nodes does not have network diagnostic with iperf).
The questions are:

can i really expect 400 MB/s and 4500 IOPS with diskspd test or my current results correspond with HW?
what else i should use to diagnose those perfomance issues and find the bottleneck?

Roman Starun
Occasional Advisor

Re: VSA performance and diagnosis (Hyper-V)

Ok, the next questions are:

What if i make clean new install of new VSA nodes on the same Hyper-v hosts? Any conflict with existing VSAs? I just want to make sure whether it's VSA's problem or infrastructure.

If new nodes would work as expected, is there any way to transfer licenses to new nodes?

Occasional Visitor

Re: VSA performance and diagnosis (Hyper-V)

Hi Roman

You rehost the licences within the licencing portal

Just so you have a benchmark, I also have Hyper-V Failover Cluster with VSA converged shared storage (10GB iSCSI) and im getting 850MB/s transfer speeds.