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VSA performance


VSA performance

Seeing about a 3X performance drop when testing throughput for reads and writes when using th VSA. These are local tests from a VM running on the same host so no physical network getting in the way.

IO/s second and response times are only about 10% down.

When running the throughput tests the CPU on the VSA reaches 90-95% so could be a bottleneck.

is this normal?
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Re: VSA performance

Yes, same thing here.


3x Dedicated ML350 G5's, each with 6x 750 SATA in a hardware raid 5


Each server is dedeicated for the VSA only, running ESXi 4.1.  Each have  16 GB Ram, reserved 2000mhz cpu for each VSA, all latested updates to bios, controller, esx and the vsa.


I have 100% cpu utilzation problems, slow write speed ( about 10-25MB/sec), but almost 100MB/sec read speed.


Normal, well I hope not, because there are free open source options available that don't have these cpu problems.

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Re: VSA performance

Hi Aqualityplace.


What are you comparing the VSA to ? Local Storage or physical P4000 ? How many Nodes in the VSA Cluster ?