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VSA's stuck at bootup

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Drew Dubber
Occasional Advisor

VSA's stuck at bootup

I was testing out a couple of VSA's on VMware ESXi when the power went off in the street.  When power came back everything has come up apart from the VSA's - they are "stuck" with the last message as follows:


device-mapper:ioctl 4.226-ioctl (2011-10-19) initialised:


Is there any way to troubleshoot this?  if I Ctrl-Alt-Del the boot sequence continues and I can log on locally but any operation is errored with the storage system has not finished initializing please wait a couple of minutes.


Worst case can I create another VSA or two and join the data VMDK's to those to gain access to the data?


Other VM's are happy on the same LUN so I dont believe its an issue at the array level.





Honored Contributor

Re: VSA's stuck at bootup

I don't think you can move the store disk from one VSA to another and get the data.  


I assume powering off and powering back on the VSA didn't help?


If your data was NR0 or you lost all your VSA nodes at one time its time to call support to get them to rebuild the OS.


Re: VSA's stuck at bootup

If data loss is a concern for you I would strongly suggest you engage HP support to make sure you don't make a mistep and regret it.

Drew Dubber
Occasional Advisor

Re: VSA's stuck at bootup

Thanks for the advice to both of you. I have data that I would like to recover in there but I'm assuming HP support isnt cheap and I also assume they arent going to support a trial implementation.  So unless there is something free I can try I guess I am stuffed?!

Drew Dubber
Occasional Advisor

Re: VSA's stuck at bootup

Just in case it helps anyone, I used a Linux live boot cd and ran e2fsck against each disk partition to repair.  They came up fine then.


Occasional Visitor

Re: VSA's stuck at bootup



after an electrical fault, the VSA virtual machine was damaged.
not have access to the information contained in the VSA partitions.
we urgently need to recover the information.
there any way to enter the volumes or recue the data.


Please help me..