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VSA vCPU Bottleneck


VSA vCPU Bottleneck

Does anyone know if there is a supported method of adding additional vCPU's to the VSA appliance?

Whenever we do storage vmotions or a lot of sequential writes the vCPU maxes out at 2.2GHZ (Physical limit of the cores in our server)
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Re: VSA vCPU Bottleneck

I am not sure of the official Support for multiple cores, but you can add Multiple core to the VSA. 2 Core would be fine.

Which version of SANiQ are you running ?

VMware VAAI vStorage offloads

HP StorageWorks SAN/iQ software version 9.0 includes support for VMware ESX 4.1 and higher to offload tasks to the storage to improve efficiency and speed of specific workloads:

Deploying templates, cloning, and storage VMotion are offloaded to the array

Creation of large virtual disks for use with Fault Tolerance (block zeroing) offloaded to the array

Volume and LUN locking is enhanced to allow more virtual machines to share the same volume without affecting performance
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Re: VSA vCPU Bottleneck



I have been testing with a dual vCPU configuration. According to the performance charts in ESX the VSA is using the second CPU, but the load between the CPUs is not even close to equal. I would assume certain processes are running on one vCPU and some on the other. This seems to indicate that the VSA was not optimized for dual vCPUs.


Can anyone comment on HP's position regarding SMP support for the VSA?