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VSA2014 with 2xHyper-v

Occasional Contributor

VSA2014 with 2xHyper-v

Hi all.


Two hyper-v hosts, on both HP-VSA (mirrored).


is it possibile to start a VM on an other host in case of one host failure without FOM and without MS Windows Cluster?


Or do I have to use both?


Thank you

Honored Contributor

Re: VSA2014 with 2xHyper-v

you need a FOM or at least a virtual manager, but unless you use a FOM, you WILL most likely have a problem with quorum when the wrong node goes down.  


likewise, you technically can mount a volume to be made available to multiple nodes, but this WILL EVENTUALLY cause a major problem and you will lose all your data on that volume unless you run a clustered file system such as windows clustering.  


Follow the best practices, they are what they are for a reason and if you try and do something else you will have a problem.