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Virtual Manager

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Virtual Manager


I got a simple question.

Got 2 node setup
Regular manager running on both nodes.
Disabled the virtual manager (i'm currently testing, fom not yet implemented)

Now i created on volume and presented to server.

When i reboot one node i see replication status degraded and the !!. Now the strange thing is i still can access the volume from my windows 7 laptop. That shouldn't be possible or am i missing something?
Uwe Zessin
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Re: Virtual Manager

That is a "split-brain" situation which is why you need a virtual manager/ failover manager.
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Re: Virtual Manager

Couple of things. If you have a two node cluster, the virtual manager should not be started until a node fails. You can start the virtual manager on the surviving node to regain quorum. As for your scenario. The iSCSI sessions will remain active for a while even if you loose quorum. You will see an error when you do something that accesses the global database. You should always have at least a virtual manager in a two node cluster, but start it in case of a node failure.
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Re: Virtual Manager

hi ,
if the manual solution (virtual manager) to regain quorum is not accpetable , you can add a Vm in wmware server to add a vote as a failover manager (fom)
In this case you have 3 votes , if you loose a node the data access is still available.

you can find the fom on the DVD software.