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Virtualizing (P2V) the host running che CMC

M. N.

Virtualizing (P2V) the host running che CMC

I have a LeftHand infrastructure based on 2 HP P4xxx clusters and several storage.

The host currently running the CMC (V. 12.5) should be converted to a VM by using VMware converter.

How can I ensure that the CMC and - even more - the Left-Hand clusters will go on wirking and will not be damaged in any way?

Is there a best practice to use?

Should I migrate the CMC to a different host before virtualizing the curren host?



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Re: Virtualizing (P2V) the host running che CMC

CMC is just a program that runs to allow you to see and manage the management group, but it is NOT needed to operate anything and you do NOT need to have a program running in order for the SAN to be operational.  You can install it on your desktop computer as long as it has routable access to the SAN.  For example, I have two sites I manage, one is local on its own VLAN and the other is remote with a VPN connection.  I manage both using CMC installed on my desktop and close CMC when I"m done using it.  THe only reason I would leave it open for an extended period of time would be when I want to record an extended period on the performance monitor graphs for review since I don't have a SNMP logging program running.


Don't setup a dedicated VM just to run CMC as it is not needed UNLESS your SAN LVAN is completely isolated from your production network.

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Re: Virtualizing (P2V) the host running che CMC

oikjn is right, the CMC is just a programm and can be installed anywhere, as long as you have network connectivity to the SAN. We install it regularly in virtualized customer environments without a problem. You could even install it multiple times on different VMs to administrate the same Lefthand cluster.

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Re: Virtualizing (P2V) the host running che CMC

and CMC does not need to be running in order for the management group to be functioning.  It is just a tool to configure the management group or monitor it.  I have email alerts setup and at a point I just stopped opening it more than once a month once things became stable.  One site doesn't even have a computer with a copy installed on it :-p  I just VPN in and connect using my laptop or desktop if I need to check on that management group..