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Virualize CMC?

Ralf Gerresheim
Frequent Advisor

Virualize CMC?

Hi guys,


just one short question: Is is possible to run the CMC as a VM? Is it supported?


Thanks in advance


Davy Priem
Regular Advisor

Re: Virualize CMC?

Yes, you can run CMC on a VM. The only thing CMC does is to display data it receives from the P4000 cluster. So as long as CMC has a network connection to the P4000 you can use it.

Honored Contributor

Re: Virualize CMC?

The way you worded your question makes me think you think that the CMC program is required to be running in order for the VSA systems to function.  This is not the case.  The CMC program is a program for initial setup, managing, and making changes to your groups.  Once that is completed you don't technically need to have a CMC present locally (I don't on my DR site).


As  Davy said, you can run CMC on a virtual computer if you want.  I mostly admin windows so I have a copy on a windows VM, but you definitely do NOT want to have your ONLY CMC program copy installed on a VM that is running on a LUN that your VSAs are hosting...  think about how you would be able to manage the VSA group if that LUN went offline!