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Vmware VCB and local lefthand snapshots

Steven Vallarian
Occasional Contributor

Vmware VCB and local lefthand snapshots

Has anyone had any luck with Vmware consolidated backup and the snapshot functionality of the lefthand units?

I've been trying to get the following to work--

One physical server, running windows 08, backup exec, and vCenter.
Three ESX servers, running ESX 4
Lefthand SAN

Using the integration package for backup exec and the latest vcb on esx 4, when the pre-backup script kicks off it fails with

Error: Cannot open disk blklst://snapshot-804[vdmk06] server4/ Cannot open disk file: Error : Disk library failed (Cannot access a SAN/iSCSI LUN backing this virtual disk. Unable to open 'blklst://snapshot-804[vdmk06] server4/'. Failed to configure disk scsi0:0.

Ok, fair enough, it can't access the LUN.
So after making sure that the automount stuff is disabled, I map the same LUN that the esx servers are using, giving the physical backup server RW access to the LUN.

I get the same message.

Ok, maybe the physical box cannot access the LUNs that are in use by ESX, so I try the same thing on a local lefthand snapshot, and get the same error message.

So maybe the iSCSI initiator doesn't see the disk, so I kick off the built-in win08 initiator, making sure NOT to pick the MPIO setting. Windows sees this disk, but I still get the same messages from vcbmounter.

What I like to do is this:
Use the lefthand CLI to give RW access to the latest snapshot of the LUN. I'm hoping this will allow VCB to be able to pull from the snapshot.
Trusted Contributor

Re: Vmware VCB and local lefthand snapshots

VCB does not pull from the snapshot, it would not recognize a snapshot as being the exact same volume.
To use VCB you mount the volumes your ESX servers are using to the backup server with read write access directly. Any volume a VM is using that you want to back up must be mounted.
Just leave them mounted there statically.
Adam C, LeftHand Product Manger
Occasional Advisor

Re: Vmware VCB and local lefthand snapshots

Hi Steven,

i had exactly the same. frustrating!
the best way to do windows backup is to use the "Advanced Disk-based Backup" Option with Lefthand VSS.
This works fine, stable and quick.