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Volumes Replication on HP StoreVirtual

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Volumes Replication on HP StoreVirtual

Hi Community,


I have a challenge with reading data on snapshots/smartclones. I have two sites (production PR and disaster recovery DR) configured as standard sites where we use remote copy schedules to replicate data.


The volumes at the PR site are attached to a Rehhat 5.5 server and hosts an Oracle database. After, the very first snapshot of these volumes were taken from the PR and copied to the DR site, the remote volumes were then converted to primary and mounted to another Redhat 5.5 server. The database was successfuly able to start up.


However, subsequent snapshots sizes were far smaller than the very first snapshot due to only changes being captured. These snapshots were remotely copied to the DR volumes. After converting the volumes to remote and mounting them to the Redhat server at the DR, the database couldn't start. The volumes only showed the copied changes instead of adding the changes to the original data first copied. How do you make the DR volumes that see both the incremental backup and the original?


Also, I was told by HP Support to create smartclone volumes from the most recent DR snapshot and present them to the DR server. I did that but can still only see the incremental backup data and not the full data when accessing the volumes from the DR server. How can I be able to see full data copied, including subsequent incremental backup?