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What vSphere Edition for SV VSA 2014 and HPE_SATP_LH ?

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What vSphere Edition for SV VSA 2014 and HPE_SATP_LH ?


A bit confusing to me : The "HPE StoreVirtual Storage Multipathing Deployment Guide" doesn't mention any prerequisite in terms of VMware vSphere edition. However when I look at the "VMWARE vSPHERE AND vSPHERE WITH OPERATIONS MANAGEMENT Licensing, Pricing and Packaging" white paper, it reads page 8 that "APIs for Array Integration, Multipathing" requires at least Standard Edition, therefore, Essentials Plus wouldn't be supported.

Who's right ? Can I deploy the HPE_SATP_LH on my Essentials+ 6.5U1 ESXi servers without any worry ? I've seen an article somewhere on the net stating that the problem was at the EULA level, rather than at the pure technical level. In other words, it would work but it wouldn't comply with VMware rules.

In the end, what is actually true ? If that's VMware, I believe the HPE guide should mention it explicitly, shouldn't it ?

Any clarification welcome...




Re: What vSphere Edition for SV VSA 2014 and HPE_SATP_LH ?

Hello Pascal,

please refer to the latest Storevirtual Sofware Compatibilty Matrix available at:

there you will find information according to your envioment.

Francisco de la Torre Rodriguez
EMEA LHN CoE Engineer

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