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When to use a FOM on P4000?

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When to use a FOM on P4000?


I have a P4000 SAN configured as follows:

4 nodes in building 1 and 4 nodes in building2 configured as a single cluster with 8 nodes.

The buildings are linked by two fiber intersite links and both are on the same subnet, so just one big dedicated iSCSI network.


I have 3 esx hosts in each building which can see all of my volumes on the P4000, all the volumes are network raid 10 (2 way mirror).

I have started managers running on 3 nodes in building 1 and 2 nodes in building 2, so 5 regular managers among 8 nodes.


If I lose one of the buildings will my volumes still be available? Do I need a FOM in this configuration?


Any clarification would be appreciated.




Trusted Contributor

Re: When to use a FOM on P4000?

Yes FOM is recommended.
FOM as the 5th Manager on the 3rd Site (with access to both the Sites)

As the 5th manager if present on any of the 2 sites can result in Quorum loss, if the Site that went down had 3 of the 5 managers.
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