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Windows Cluster Step by Step Setup Instructions

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Windows Cluster Step by Step Setup Instructions

Is there a document that contains recommended setup details for a Windows 2008 R2 cluster configuration?


I have setup a working cluster using the P4300 starter SAN.  The cluster validation test complains about the IP addresses I have chosen (the are all in the same subnet).  However, the addresses I have chosen were forced upon me by the SAN NIC setup where both NICS in the SAN are in the same subnet, forcing the addresses on the cluster to be in the same subnet.  I also have read conflicting recommendations on how to setup the MPIO.  I would like to have dual path communication like you get with fiber to an MSA but it looks like its one NIC communicating or the other but never both at the same time.  All I am getting is failover protection.  I also need the speed dual paths will bet me.





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Re: Windows Cluster Step by Step Setup Instructions

I don't think HP has updated their documentation too much and have not seen one for 2008 cluster.

As far as MPIO configuration then Vendor Specific is a default one. If you want both NICs to communicate at the same time and balance the connections than you would chose Round Robin policy. 


I found that policies settings are often depend on your environment. I would definitely test MPIO before going to production.


Hope it helps.