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bandwidth consumption for remote copy

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bandwidth consumption for remote copy

Dear Forum,

I've had a Production and Disaster Recovery site, connected with a 1 MB WAN.

Are this WAN sufficient for remote copy feature?
How to calculate the WAN connection needed for remote copy feature?

Steven Clementi
Honored Contributor

Re: bandwidth consumption for remote copy

You need to know and understand what your rate of change on the data is first.

This is going to help determine the schedule you will need to put in place to be able to successfully complete a remote copy before the next one scheduled starts.

My suggestion...

Set up a schedule to do a Remote Copy to initiate the first full copy of data.

Set the interval to something like 10 days so that it does not do another copy while you are finishing the first full copy.

Once complete, see how long it took. It should tell you on the Remote Copy tab.

Back down the schedule to a day or 12 hours to kick off a remote copy.

Once finished, check the RC Tab again to see how long it took.

Adjust the schedule accordingly.

From this point, you need to determine what your company recovery policy is going to be(if not already in place). How much data can you lose and still be able to function?

Steven Clementi
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Re: bandwidth consumption for remote copy

You could also configure local snapshots at first, which should show you the size of your deltas.

Once you see the size of your deltas use the calculator:

This will show how much bandwidth you need based on frequency and size of snapshots.