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can't add all the needed LUNs to Windows Server 2008

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can't add all the needed LUNs to Windows Server 2008

Hello everyone,

I hope this is the right board to post this question...


I have a multi-site P4000 solution, with 6 P4500G2 nodes and 4 P4300G2 nodes (2 sites, each with 3 P4500 and 2P4300)


I'm building a new SQL Server cluster and need to connect a lot of LUN to each server (as per my software house request, I need about 20 LUN on each server).


Using the iSCSI Initiator interface I always enabled MultiPath I/O (thus, for every LUN I got 28 connections because I have 4 NIC fully dedicated to iSCSI connection on each server => 4 NIC x 6 P4500 = 24 connection + 4 connection to the gateway node)


Trying to add another LUN I got an error message saying "exceeded max connections on this initiator" (I know this is not Microsoft support forum, so I'm not directly asking if anyone knows about this limit )


The real question is: how can I connect all these LUNs to my server.

If there is this limitation in iSCSI initiator, I can't accomplish my task, so I tought to bind all 4 NIC using the HP utility, but that this solution isn't suggested. Am I wrong?


Any suggestion?


PS: using 2 NICs instead of 4 for iSCSI connection, will drop my total number of connection, but we have planned to buy more P4000 nodes (right now, we are thinking to buy 6 more P4500 and 4 P4300, so the hypothesis of using only 2 NICs, will be useless when we add new nodes (because the total number of connection will be the same as today with 4 NIC).


Thanks for any suggestion/help