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change IP address on HP lefthand cluster

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change IP address on HP lefthand cluster

hello to all here

we have to change all the IP addresses at our mulit-site lefthand cluster and i´m not sure how to do this.

the configuration now:
4 storage nodes (2 at each site)
1 virtual IP on the cluster
1 centralized management console
1 virtual manager on one of the storage nodes

in which order i should change the IP-addresses? one by one on the storage nodes, then on the CMC and the cluster IP?

thanks for your help!
Bryan McMullan
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Re: change IP address on HP lefthand cluster

When we changed our IP's last year, it really didn't matter the order as long as all connections to the SAN are down.

We change the IP on the units themselves while powering them on one at a time (through a direct serial connection). Then we changed the CMC so we could connect to them all. Once they were all visible and we had quorum again, we changed the VIP. After that, the FOM.

So I the way that worked for us is:

1. Nodes
2. CMC
3. VIP
4. FOM