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cheap redundandt storage


cheap redundandt storage

Hi. I am looking for cheap storage with redundancy at node level. I have a pair of p4300 starter 3GB which works great. I also need a pair with redundant servers for slow hyper-v etc.

I have found the hp storeeasy 1630 with Windows Storage server 2012 to be a lot of storage for the bucks. But it doesn't seem i can setup these in network raid1.

Does these units support the hyper-v role so i could install the hp storevirtual vsa on these boxes? Or would this be too pricy and not a good solution?


Re: cheap redundandt storage

Or should I just by a pair of dl-360 G8e with a decent raid-controller and a lot of drives and run free hyper-v 2012 with the hp store virtual vsa? If so, does anyone have a recommended serverconfig and raidcontroller they know work stable?
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Re: cheap redundandt storage

Please define cheap.


You seem to say that speed is not the main concern, but you mention DL360 G8 in the same post.


Regardless, running VSAs on x86 servers might be a viable option for you.
There are other iscsi based clustered storage systems that run on free Hyper-V/ free ESXI like StarWind, etc.
But, the software has got to be purchased/licensed  - just like the StoreVirtual which is about $3.5K for the 10TB License.

Bear in mnd that there are a few Proliant SKU's that come with a free 1TB StoreVault license.
A 3 pack of the 4TB license is about $2.5K.

Going with HP Proliant x86 solutions all the built-in RAID controllers should be supported, But make sure that the controller has the Advance pack which adds RAID5,6, etc.
But first, you'll have to decide if your total  capacity needs can be met by using 2.5" SAS/SATA drives - which top out at about 1TB, or if you will need to go with 3.5" SAS/SATA, which offer up 4TB per drive.
Depending on th answer, you have to choose a Proliant Chassis with the right drive cage.

The aforementioned DL360 can come with 8 2.5" bays max, where you'll top out at 8 TB Raw(6TB Usable).
Or, it can come with 4 3.5" bays, where you'll top out 16TB raw  (12TB Usable).


There's also the option of going back a a generation or two on the Proliants.