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connect 2 new redundant swtiches to existing network


connect 2 new redundant swtiches to existing network

I have 2 2910ai-24g switches as iscsi redundant switces for my storevirtual environment.

They are now filled up and I want to add 2 1910-switches for a Vsan.

I want it to be on the same subnet. How should i link the 2 new 1910 switches (redundant) to the existing switch without causing any troubles, loop etc.?

Honored Contributor

Re: connect 2 new redundant swtiches to existing network

I don't know about the 2910, but I know the 1910 can't do a "real" stacked switch configuration.  If the 2910 can, you didn't mention you are stacked, so I assume it isn't which pretty much means that your left with using STP to handle failover.  If you need more than 1Gb, you can do static trunking, but depending on your topology, that will mean you will lose a lot of ports.  Describe your core switch setup a bit more to get some better advice.


we ended up moving away from the 1910's because of this issue...  Its a fine switch, but we needed something that would have a true stacking backpane and 10Gb.  I have about 6 of them if you are interested.