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connecting between storage sites

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connecting between storage sites


our organization recently bought 2 pieces of hp SV3200. one is for main use and the other for backup/emergency. they are located in different physical sites.

we would like to connect between the 2 storages so if one goes down the other will take place (which means that all the data that is written to the first will automatically be written to the second). the controllers are configured and there is ping between the storages.

is it possible? how can we do that?



Re: connecting between storage sites

You can achieve this by implementing Remote Copy (Asynchronous Replication) or Multi-site Stretch Cluster (Synchronous Replication). Both are license feature and for that need to get "Advanced Data Services Suite" License. Please refer the Quick spec to get more details,

I am sharing few more links which may help you to Configure and implement the same,

HPE StoreVirtual Management Console User Guide (Page no 48)

HPE StoreVirtual 3200 Storage Best Practice Guide (Page no 15)

HPE StoreVirtual Storage Multi-site Configuration Guide (Legacy LHN)



FOM Install and configure


HPE StoreVirtual 3200 Storage User Guide




Note: There is no clear document available for Remote Copy (Asynchronous Replication) or Multi-site Stretch Cluster (Synchronous Replication). However above information may help you and some of them are legacy LHN document.

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Re: connecting between storage sites

make sure to run the latest software on them to have all features available, AFAIR it is currently version 13.6.

Hope this helps!

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Re: connecting between storage sites

what you describe sounds like you want syncronous replication, but while that is supported and included with the software, there is a significant external resource requirement needed in order to make that work.  You need a very good and low latency WAN link between the two sites since.


Most likely you really should setup asyncronous replication shipping snapshots to the backup site in case of DR.