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delete a site

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delete a site

Hi all,

We have multi (2) site cluster with 8 nodes in each site (and a FOM in the third site). Several old nodes (bought before LHN was aquired by HP), still version 8.1/8.5, did not have a mulit-site license and went into a 30-day trial multi-site modus. It seems however HP is not able to generate a multi-site license for those old nodes, or it is taking more time than expected. Since time's running up one option is to delete the site(s). HP does not guarantee this can be done without shutting down the management group or even without data loss.

Does anyone have experience with deleting sites?




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Re: delete a site

I have deleted sites on v9 nodes, but before doing that I made sure that I moved all nodes from the to-be-deleted site to the site we kept.  Once everything was off of the site logically we deleted the site and had no problem with that.