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esx and multisite VSA config

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esx and multisite VSA config

Hi All,
I have 2 Sites (A and B) and a third (C) running failover manager. Each of the two sites has its own subnet and its own cluster VIP (say VIP-a and VIP-b) and each contain 4 VSAs. That's close to 8TB a site. The sites are 10Gbe connected.
The subnets for the two sites are different from the subnets containing the ESX server's iSCSI vmkernal at the same site.

1) How can I configure the ESX servers at site A to prefer VIP-a over VIP-b? Similarly, the ESX servers at site B to prefer VIP-b over VIP-a? Note: remember Site A servers are closer to VIP-a than VIP-b, same router but different subnet. Site A and B are on different routers (i hope this is clear :-).

2) How can I determine what the preferred cluster VIP is from the Lefthand CMC or Vmware Infrastructure client.

P.S. this is a pilot project at my Telecommunications company. We're looking at the mass use of VSAs across optical fiber connected sites, we've got actual Lefthand SANs as well (awaiting delivery). Comparisons of cost, performance and flexibility are to be made.