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hp lefthand P4000 and shutdown ???

Gianluca Penzo
Occasional Visitor

hp lefthand P4000 and shutdown ???


I Have necessity to shutdown the lefthand P4000, but i don't have any instruction to make it.

please, take me a message to shutdown the lefthand P4000.

very thanks at all.


Re: hp lefthand P4000 and shutdown ???

If you are trying to Shutdown Storage Server (Node) then right Click on it.
You have the "Power off or Reboot.." Option.
Then Select Power Off, Enter Delay of "0" and Click on Power Off.

If you are Taking about Management Group then it is the same.. Right Click on Management Group and then "Shutdown Management Group"
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Re: hp lefthand P4000 and shutdown ???

If I right click on Management and select “Shutdown Management Group” it will shot down each host in that group,

Also when powering back on the SAN is there sequence I should fallow  


Honored Contributor

Re: hp lefthand P4000 and shutdown ???

no sequence really needed.  Once enough nodes come up for quorum then the group comes back online, but its best to turn them all on a quickly as possible without over-loading your power sources, but again, order doesn't matter.