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hp vsa

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hp vsa

got 2 issues that I'm trying to install while trying to get the HP VSA up and running.  Currently already have one that is running, running just fine so I'm very familiar with the systems.

1st part, licensing, where is eon number that is now being referenced.  I have a very small site so i got the 1tb free license, and i got the email, but when i go to register it, there is nothing online about it.  And the help guide is almost useless here is the quote

Most evaluation software orders do not include a license key in the "Get License" tab of the order. Instead, a separate link for requesting evaluation licenses is available on the same page that the software is downloaded from. Other evaluation products install an Instant-On license key, which allows the product to run for a limited time period.

But there is no place on the page to download the license., no get license, what am i missing. 


Second part

Upgrading, currently on 12.0 and want to get to 12.6, does anyone know what file i need to download to do the upgrade to 12.6.  FTP doesnt work even after adding the xml file, so do it locally, what file do i need to download.  when you do the OA and virtual connect its a bin file, fairly straight forward.





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Re: hp vsa

not sure about the licensing thing, as I haven't played with it in trial mode before.


Regarding the upgrade...  its all done through the CMC program.  Your firewall needs to allow ftp as the CMC program uses that to download the file to your desktop, but you should see the option to upgrade a node or even CMC itself in the upper menu area. 


One cautaion:  with a single node management group, the upgrade will cause downtime for LUN availability.  This is not the case when you get to 2+ nodes and use NR10, but for NR0 and single node systems, that is unfortunately the case.