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hpe storevirtual vsa

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hpe storevirtual vsa

I setup 3 node storevirtual vsa for Hyper-V with Synergy node 10Tb each. Total 28TB is avialble cluster storage space showing in CMC.

i want to create single volume 18 TB.

But when i create a RAID5 (full provisioning) volume, its allowing me to create maximux 13 TB volume and showing 27 TB utilized in summary utilization.  Same result when I am using raid 1 or 10 also.

If i use thin provisioning cmc giving over proviosioning warning.

My is question is even i tried to create raid 5 volume, it utilizing double the size of what we are proviosioning. Is this normal?


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Re: hpe storevirtual vsa

Hi Magaranth,

Yes, what you have mentioned is normal behavior. When the NR5 volume is created, the writing area is kept in NR10. Hence it will consume twice the volume size to create the volume.
When 10% of the volume or 10GB are written, a snapshot of the volume is taken. 
Then the internal restriping of the data takes place and the snapshot is converted to NR5. 
We don't recommend using the NR5 volume for Writes, as it will give poor performance. It is only recommended for Read Operations

Please let me know if you have any further queries.

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