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iSCSI Boot from San with SANiQ

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iSCSI Boot from San with SANiQ

Been trying to install windows 2003 SP2 on Lefthand SANiQ 8.1. Followed the steps in the guide steps by step. I am installaing the drivers using F6 at windows boot time. But windows does not see the volume. Anyone else had this issue?
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Re: iSCSI Boot from San with SANiQ

What HBA or iSCSI nic are you trying to use?
Is it listed as one P4000 supports?

That aside if you can't see the LUN at all it's most likely that you cannot network to the SAN (can the card ping the vip) or you have not configured a "Server" in the SAN that is allowed to correctly access the LUN. If you can ping the vip and did configure the "Server" in the SAN, then maybe you fat fingered the iqn or CHAP name.
Adam C, LeftHand Product Manger