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iSCSI on 1GBe or 10GBe

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iSCSI on 1GBe or 10GBe

I would like to receive some fundamental feedback on where the cutt off is in the choice to connect a P45 Lefthand SAN over iSCSI in a VMWare environment. Currently the SAN is configured at 1GB but the end users do complain about performance. To finalize the plan to upgrade to 10 GB SAN Speed I would like to receive some feedback whether or not the investment will benifitial



  • Trading company with about 100 users
  • HP P4500 Lefthand SAN
  • 8 Virtual Windows servers on VMWARE, Boot from SAN, Pagefile on SAN
  • 1 SQL server with Navision databases  (Multiple concurrent transactions)
  • Microsoft Exchange server
  • Thin Clients with Windows terminal server.
  • Windows server versions are currently 2003 but will be upgraded to 2012



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Steven Clementi
Honored Contributor

Re: iSCSI on 1GBe or 10GBe

Sounds like you may have more of a configuration issue then a bottle neck.


How many VMwae Hosts?


How many Lefthand Nodes?



Without seeing/understanding your VMware and Storage environment and configuration, it would be hard to tell if upgrading to 10GB would simply "fix" user performance issues.

Steven Clementi
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