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management network

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George Streeter
Occasional Contributor

management network

I have noticed there is a NIC marked management and one marked nic 2 on the P4300. Isn't the correct configuration to have your normal LAN on the management NIC and your ISCSI on a separate network on NIC 2? When I try to put an IP on NIC 2 it says the node will go into multi site mode which does not sound right to me.

Maybe I should ask it a different way. I have always put the SAN on it's own separate network. How do you do that and still manage the p4300 SAN?
Mike Povall
Trusted Contributor

Re: management network

Hi George,

The management port is for the 'iLO' equivalent on the motherboard.

Put an IP address on NIC1 as part of the setup of the node and then create a bond through the CMC.

I agree that the iSCSI SAN should be on a seperate network so you can either use a workstation with two NICs so that one can be in the iSCSI SAN or create a route between the networks for management.

Cheers, Mike.