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p4000 SCOM discovery

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p4000 SCOM discovery

I am new to SCOM and am trying to get it configured to monitor a p4500 cluster.


Does the HP StorageWorks Scom 2007 Management Pack version 1.8 support San IQ 9.0?


What is the proper way to discover the p4500 nodes in SCOM?


I used the Management Pack Install guide and have done the following:

Set up the SNMP host and trap to point to the SCOM server in the CMC

Discovered the P4500 nodes as network devices in SCOM, they show as not monitored

Installed the HP StorageWorks Scom 2007 Management Pack version 1.8

Configured the override for the SCOM server on the HP SNMP Trap catcher rule 


Any help would be appreciated.





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Re: annoying SCOM discovery



I am having the same problem.  Have you had any success with this yet.  Have tried putting a couple of node in as network devices as a test.  Does this need to be done.  I thought it relayed snmp traps through its management server.  Have I had no success with either method.  Please let me know if find anything out.  I believe I have followed the MP through to the letter and no success.  Its really getting annoying now.





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Re: annoying SCOM discovery


   I'm also having the same problem, has anyone found the full procedure to get this working?




Darren Hutton_1
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Re: annoying SCOM discovery

We use the xSNMP MP, but that picks them up as DL18x devices. Gives chassis/disk info only though. CMC providing pass-through SNMP.


Would love to get working with the HP StorageWorks MP, but wasted two days trying so won't be revisiting for a while.